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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends...

I have some exciting announcements to kick off our new year!

I am going to lead off by announcing that our new website,, is online. You will find patient forms, our office blog, and more. Be sure to check in often, as we’ll be constantly adding new content.

I am also pleased to offer our 2012 Healthy Start Program. This program is designed around solid nutritional and exercise science to promote whole body wellness. This is a well documented, scientifically-proven program.

To see the amazing statistical results and to read more about Metagenics Ultra Meal 360, view the attached Metagenics.pdf.

Metagenics Kit

The complete, one-month kit includes:

* Available flavors for rice formula are chocolate or vanilla.
* Available flavors for soy formula are chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

Also included:

The package totals $310, but to kick off the New Year, we are offering this complete kit for an amazing price of just $140.

I found an interesting article online that discusses the constant onslaught alternative medicine practitioners face. You can read it here.

Finally, I want to share another great article on how to kick off the new year in a positive, healthful way. It is titled “Kathy Smith’s Laws to Living Lean,” and it details solid strategies for getting healthy and staying healthy. Read the article here.

See you next month!

Dr. Tom

Published on: 2012-01-01 by Dr. Tom.

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