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Chiropractors and Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous?
An interesting article on the AMA’s treatment of alternative healing professions.

Just Try Walking
While some fitness enthusiasts relentlessly seek out the latest, trendiest exercise crazes, many others are returning to good, old-fashioned walking to help them feel great and get into shape.

New Research on Probiotics Shows Promise
The live microorganisms, such as the bacteria in some yogurts show potential in easing an unpleasant side effect of antibiotic treatments.

Video: Dr. Oz Talks About Chiropractic Care
Dr. Oz explains the root causes of back pain, shows a few, simple stretches to help alleviate it, and then offers instructive commentary while a patient is adjusted right on camera!

Video: Chiropractic Neck Anatomy
This video shows the anatomy of the neck through animation.

Video: How I Got My Wiggle Back
Anthony Field, of the Wiggles, explains who chiropractic care saved his career with the wiggles.

Bike Fit Basics from the American Chiropractic Association
Whether you ride on-road or off, pedal casually or competitively, it's important to pay close attention to how your bicycle fits your body. A properly fitted bike will allow you to ride comfortably and safely, avoid injury, and produce more power, so you go faster with the same or less effort.

Chirovoice is a monthly electronic newsletter with valuable information, health tips and articles of interest. Chiropractic is an important aspect of overall health care. Chirovoice keeps you informed about federal and state policies that might affect access to chiropractic services.

Alliance for Natural Health
Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA) is committed to protecting access to integrative medicine. ANH-USA also features a weekly e-newsletter. Subscription information may be found on the site.

Chiropractic Care Information
An educational site with many articles on chiropractic care in BLOG format.

Article: Chiropractors and Naturopaths - Are They Dangerous?
An interesting article on the AMA’s treatment of alternative healing professions.

SIGMA Instruments is the established leader in Chiropractic Instrument-based spinal treatment technologies. The SIGMA Instrument utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It is able to increase mobility of the spinal segments by reducing or eliminating the fixations. It uses soft tips, that are comfortable to the human body to exert a tapping force that “unsticks” the joint.

Video: Fibromyalgia and sleep
A video explaining how sleep problems may lead to fibromyalgia pain.

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